If the initial object of probate genealogy consisted of researching heirs of unclaimed estates, today its area of responsibility has widened considerably.

Starting from its origins in the early 19th century probate genealogy has followed the constant evolution of a mobile society, by always expanding to cover more and more complex estates.

Against this global background of constant change our mission is to respond to assignments from solicitors, ex-officio directors, lawyers and all legal and financial bodies in probate matters discovering heirs or unknown rightful asset beneficiaries according to applicable law.

Swiss Genealogy Agency, based in Geneva, embraces this evolution and today responds to new needs.
Thus under the auspices of the Convention signed by the Swiss Banks' Association (ASB), Swiss Genealogy Agency has become reference partner to banks by turning to their benefit our experience and international network in discovering asset holders declared to be not heard from.

Swiss Genealogy Agency ensures it handles all its assignments under the guidance of our clients in conformity with applicable laws, offering them the guarantee of a professional team aware of the need to maintain bank secrecy and respect the principal of confidentiality concerning information exchanged at every stage of collaboration.